O GOD, I pray, please give me strength
To go on doing, what seems to have no end
I need courage to fight all the odds
To accept the “NOS” and still not fall short.

I know death is sure, death must come
I must somehow secure everyone’s income
Every bread winner must be insured, its only right
So that every child, every widow’s future may be bright.

O GOD, O please, please do help me along
So that others may not suffer because one life is gone
Let the road be hard, let the weather be cold or hot
Give me endurance to see people, Let me waste time not.

Thank you GOD for giving me this opportunity to serve
To be part of Life Insurance which is a gift of love
If I have to choose wealth, honour and fame
I’II choose NONE : I’II be an insurance marketer, just the same.

If I have to live my life all over again
I’II still be an insurance marketer,
My profession will not change.

 Indra Jeet